Technology is not only a convenience but a necessity in the modern world.
VibeCaring is a well designed AI tool representing a bridge between technology and compassionate care offering practical and empathetic solutions for the elderly who often face unique challenges to help maintain a self-reliant and dignified lifestyle.
Our Mission is to be a supportive companion in technology for the aging population to improve their lives and provide reassurance to their caregivers and families.

Our Values

We hold true to our values of
Independence. Peace of mind. Integrity. Compassion. Empowerment.

Meet your care team
  • Ksenia
    CEO, Co-founder

    10+ years building voice-assistant for healthcare, natural language prosessing and AI
  • Almira

    15+ years GTM, Business development and Marketing Expertise

  • Dr Samar

    Public Health Specialist, with MBA in Hospital Administration

  • Dr Delaya
    10+ years Medical advisor, Business development, Patient-centric Healthcare expert

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