Reducing the costs
of remote family caregiving by 10x
Living And Working Away from Family
We know how important it is to keep in touch with family, even if you're far apart. Whether you're studying in another country, travelling for work, or just living away from home, our AI calling service helps you stay connected with your loved ones easily.

For many people, deciding to move away from family can be stressful, especially when they worry about:

How to take care of their parents' health?

How to remind them to take medicine on time?

Updates from Your Family
Staying connected with family is our priority. Our busy schedules sometimes prevent us from checking in on our family's well-being. Our parents don’t want to disturb us, that's why they hesitate to talk about their physical and mental issues.

With our AI calling service, you will be updated about their mental and physical condition, and if they have any issue we will inform you the same, ensuring that you stay well- informed and connected.

VibeCaring not only addresses the practical needs of elderly users but also focuses on their emotional well-being, promoting a holistic and supportive environment for aging individuals and their caregivers.
How does it work?
our AI-based voice assistant calls your relatives
it then asks a series of questions to assess their emotional and physical well-being
the platform sends notifications to you and any designated medical staff or clinics
this helps you stay informed about your relative's wellness 24/7
What our elderly loved ones have to say about VibeCaring
"Feeling truly blessed by a week of daily calls from VIBECARING! As an elderly relative, the connection was heartwarming, and the thoughtful check-ins meant the world to me. Thank you for making each day brighter!"
80 years
"Appreciating the daily calls from VIBECARING!  As an Elderly person staying away from my children ,it feels heartwarming that someone cares about my health. The thoughtful check-ins make a positive impact, and I genuinely appreciate the care and concern. Thank you"
65 years
"Absolutely delighted with VIBECARING's daily calls! The genuine concern for my health is heartening, and the pleasant conversations make it even better. Thank you very much for the thoughtful check-ins!"
76 years

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